About Us

About Us 9monthsandstuff.com


Getting the news you are going to be new parents is really exciting!

Yet you feel scared because it seemed so foreign but inviting.
It’s like going on a trip of the unknown.

That’s how we felt when we found out we were going to be parents in 9 months time.

It was a whole new world for US both, we were so excited yet lost at the same time with all the stuff we needed to prepare and get in the next 9 months ushering our baby girl into the world.

Yet the emotions and challenges we face, it has been a journey up till now and it’s something we would do all over again!

What this site is about

We started 9monthsandstuff.com as a personal journey about being new parents and also the “never-been-told” experiences once the baby arrived.

It’s a whole new experience and life-changing too. We will share with you all mistakes we made & heart aches we went through and what you can do to avoid them to have a pleasant time entering into parenthood.

We recorded milestones, outings, obgyn visits, scans and most importantly the lessons and things we needed to get along the way.

So apart from the how tos and impromptu lessons and challenges along the way, we strive to turn this personal blog into an online resource for new parents just like you, looking for practical answers and insightful motivation, as we were once before…

Each time you are here, we hope you’ll gain more motivation, tips and enjoyment on your journey becoming new parents.


Wendy and Frank