Baby Swing vs Baby Bouncer vs Baby Rocker : Which Is Better For My Baby?

Baby Swing vs Baby Bouncer vs Baby Rocker, which one will it be?

Babies are lovable and adorable. You want to pinch and kiss their bubbly cheeks every time.

Nothing warms up a heart than to see a baby’s smile and laugh. Those two will have your heart melting and at times, thawing.

Though babies are great, they come with a whole deal of stress.

They don’t come with a manual, so you have to work with what you have and hope for the best.

That’s all you can do, but as scary as it is. We all turned out great, so there’s some comfort in that. 

Today we’ll be checking on what’s best to get for your baby.

Will it be a swing, a bouncer or a rocker?

The easiest way to do this would be to check on what these three can provide for your baby. 

What is the Difference between Baby Swings, Rockers and Bouncers?

When I first stumbled upon these , they all sounded similar to me.

But, after discovering each of them, there are some significant differences between them.

Baby Swing

It is a reclined seat attached to a plastic or metal frame (the base) that moves the baby in a rocking or bouncing motion.

Baby Rocker

A Baby Rocker is a mini rocking chair and like the name suggests, it rocks back and forth.

Baby Bouncer

A Baby Bouncer is in essence an incline supported seat that has a mechanised bounce or vibration that is either manual or assisted (usually electric based or battery operated). 

All of the 3 above are suitable for newborns to about 6 months+ or if the baby has reached the upper weight threshold of swing, rocker or bouncer, which is usually about 6 months.

Why Do I Need One Them?

Babies, especially newborns are easily anxious and are not able to soothe themselves.

9 months in a womb with mommy’s body movements (even if she’s sitting still) is providing the baby with some rhythmic rocking. 

Coupled that with temperature, noise and feeling hungry, this will add stress to them baby and get them startled and crying.

The first 3 months are when babies are more likely to cry for long periods of time. And it usually happens in the evening and can go on for hours. 

If you try to carry your baby with your arms and rock her, she will eventually calm down and fall asleep. 

And it’s almost impossible to hold her in your arms and rock her for hours. 

Bouncers, swings and rockers will help you do the job, so you could rest your arms, and allow you to focus on other chores like making dinner or just have a cup of tea. 

Which one is best?

I have to say that choosing between these three is not an easy task.

So many things are relative when it comes to choosing an instrument for your baby. You need to know what they are and what they can provide.

So to help steer you in the right direction. I’m going to tell you a bit about each of the three accessories.

At least if you know a bit about them, you’ll have an idea of what you want for your baby. So let’s begin.

Baby Swing

Swings are like a combination of bouncers and rockers. They come as reclined seats that either vibrate, bounce up and down or swing sideways. They bring comfort and soothing to your baby. 

They are a great option if you are looking to coo your baby to sleep. Suppose you get tired of cradling your baby. Or maybe your baby takes too much time to knock out then a swing could help you manage your time. 

Baby Swing Benefits

  • Very sturdy and not prone to falling over
  • Typically have a range of settings which mean there’s bound to be at least one setting your baby will enjoy
  • Can soothe and lull your baby but also stimulate and entertain
  • Can be used from birth onwards
  • Baby Rocker Benefits
  • Can ease and calm your baby but also encourage and entertain
  • Typically smaller and more compact than other options
  • Can be used from birth onwards
  • Thought to help develop motor and sensory skills


A bouncer is an inclined seat that can vibrate under mechanical means, or manually as well. These can work if you’re trying to give your baby some fun. 

Bouncers are quite ideal for usage from birth to around six months of age or until a certain weight at which the limit is in the papers accompanying the bouncer. Just be sure to read your manual. 

Baby Bouncer Benefits

  • The bouncer can double as a baby exerciser and a playmate
  • They are generally lightweight and straightforward to transport 
  • Designed to promote healthy spine growth for your baby
  • Can help to promote some healthy sleep patterns for the baby
  • Can soothe and lull your baby but also stimulate and entertain
  • Can be used from birth onwards


A rocker is pretty much like a rocking chair. The rocker moves and rocks back and forth, giving the baby a soothing and calming swinging effect. It moves independently, and some models work manually.

The idea of a rocker is to mimic the feeling the baby had when it was in the womb. That rocking feeling in a warm belly is calming for all babies. You have a higher chance of getting your baby to stop fussing. 

(Note that the benefits of bouncers also apply to rockers)

Mini-Guide For Choosing A Baby Swing vs Rocker vs Bouncer

How To Choose The Right Type For Your Baby

Below are some questions that you can ask yourself that might just guide you on the right path to know which one you prefer. They may also work to show you which one works for the environment you are living in. 

  1. Do you prefer battery-operated gear or plug-in products? 

At this point, you should know what kind of product you want in your home. Do you work well with battery-operated products? Or do you want something that you’ll have to plug in when you want to use? 

Battery-operated products are a great choice because they don’t use up any electricity. Plus they are more portable as compared to plug-in products. All the products we are checking in have both options and some even come as hybrids. 

  1. How much space do you have available? 

You need to know the amount of space that you are willing to work with. Do you have an immense amount of space available? Is the room going to be permanently free? If so, then getting a full-sized baby swing is not a bad option at all. 

You’ll find that rockers and bouncers are more to the compact levels when it comes to size. Certain one is bigger, but most of them are small. They come as compacts, with the swings coming in varying sizes depending on if you want a full-sized swing or a portable one. 

  1. What do you want it for? 

Then again, you also have to be sure of why you want to get it. I mean are you getting the product because you want to make your baby sleep for longer or because you want to keep the baby entertained? 

In such a case, you have to go for something that will blend in with your needs. That way you’ll know what best meets them and get it. You have to purchase something designed to fix your problem for you.

  1. Is a baby bouncer, rocker or swing safe?

Yes it is definitely safe but make sure you follow the safety guide provided by the manufacturer. Here are some safety tips for using  bouncers, rockers or swings

  1. Know the height and weight limits of the bouncer, rocker or swing and discontinue using it if it had reached the limits.
  2. Use the safety strap and harness at all times even when you are supervising
  3. Place rockers, bouncers or swings on even surfaces (best is on a flat floor). Do not leave them on uneven or elevated surfaces.

Final thoughts

I know that the look a baby gives you when they want so many things at the same time.

It’s quite frustrating, especially if they decide to go for a marathon crying session. 

Be it you get a bouncer, swing or rocker.

Know what you’re getting it for.

Also, understand if your baby doesn’t like it. It happens, and it’s a widespread trait.

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