When I was younger, I always thought having big breasts is an added advantage, whether it’s getting favors or more attention from opposite sex.

But having big boobs can be a blessing and a curse.

A curse especially when you have a breastfed baby and the constant need to pump out milk from your double bazookas.

When it comes to pumping breast milk when you have larger than average breasts, the main issues are not the size of your breasts…

But, it is the overall pumping experience, whether the breasts or nipples hurt or you don’t feel comfortable, or your back probably feels weird or you don’t have a good angle to make sure the milk flows out best.

It’s not the breast pump BUT it’s part of the breast pump that matters.

You might not need a bigger or special breast pump. Most breast pumps work on the same principal , to pump out milk from your breasts.

What matters more when it comes to pumping for large breasts are not so much of the breast pump but the flange. 

The flange is part of a breast pump system and this is the ‘cup’ that has direct contact with your breasts.

Ultimately the milk is produced from the breasts but secreted from nipples.

Flange ‘cups’ the breast but extends to the nipple and connected to the breast pump / collecting bottles.

The right flange

For the best pumping experience with large breasts, choosing the right flange is key. Flanges are sized to the nipple, not like a bra cup to the overall size of your breasts, so you may only need a small sized flange and at the same time have very large breasts. 

Flange or the breast shield , must fit correctly in order to pump efficiently and effectively. Having the wrong size may cause pain and skin irritation , especially the nipple area.

How to choose the right flange size

So what matters more is the size of the breast flange in a breast pump.

Large breast sizes may impact on the need of a nursing bra or the pumping process, if you were to hold you the pumps when you pump, you might feel tired or your back hurts from having larger breasts.

When you have large breasts, you may feel the need to have better “support” and this is especially true if you are trying to double pump.

A good nursing bra can help you get the right angle and keep your hands free.

Also, when it comes to the best breast pump for moms with bigger breasts, they are a few things to consider. 

Firstly there are few types of breast pumps commonly used by moms.

Breast Pump Types For Large Breasts

Electric – Double / Single 

Electric breast pumps are powered by either batteries or plugged into a power source. Most pumps have rechargeable batteries so you need not purchase separate batteries.

The suction of the breast pump which is the key function of the pump, is powered by electric current so therefore it’s called electric breast pump. 

Some electric breast pump models have double units. This is to allow you to pump more milk from both breasts quicker.  You will not have to go from one breast to another as you can pump them both simultaneously.

Hospital Grade

A hospital grade breast pump is a stronger suction breast pump specially programmed with functions to allow mothers with certain medical attention to produce the maximum amount of breastmilk possible.

Hospital grade breast pumps are also used for mothers of babies with genetic issues in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU).

A hospital grade breast pump is usually expensive and cumbersome to be used personally at home.


A manual breast pump is the earliest form of breast pump. It uses manual strength to create a vacuum for suction. It’s the least expensive but can be less efficient as you will need your hand strength to keep pumping.

Manual breast pumps are usually used to complement breastfeeding such as the Haakaa, where the baby feeds on one breast while the Haakaa collects from the other.

When the baby latches on during breastfeeding, despite nursing on one breast, the let-down of milk will be from both breasts.

Other considerations for choosing a breast pump 

Suction strength

Some pumps have all it takes but are quite weak. This can be annoying if you have lots of things to do.

Too much strength also means you can be left sore and maybe even injured!

What you need is a well-balanced pump that can pump in no time and with no pain.

A pump that has adjustable suction is another good idea. You can find your own balance by adjusting the vacuum level. 


Opinions vary when it comes to noise. Pumping at home means this might not be an issue but if you pump on-the-go often, you might want a stealthy pump.

Flange Size (and availability of different sizes)

Most breast pumps have a range of flange sizes from 22mm – 28mm, or categorized as small , medium and large. 

However, it is important to know the size of your nipple to ensure you have the right flange size. As before, having the wrong flange size whether it is too big or too small may cause irritation or pain when pumping.

If the breast pump brand / model doesn;t have the right flange size for you, you can still check out Maymom or Pumpin’pal. Both produce compatible breast pump accessories including flanges sizes that fit most moms. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on what to look out for when selecting a breast pump.

So what type of breast pump should a mom with large breasts go for?

This can be a subjective topic as breast pumps are based on each individual mom’s liking and comfort. However, generally speaking,  it is more efficient to pump both breasts using a double electric breast pump as you can empty your breasts much faster.

Best Electric Breast Pump for Large Breasts

Here are the 3 best electric breast pump for large breasts

Breast Pump ModelMedela Freestyle FlexLansinoh Signature ProElvie
Model image
Dimensions and weight5.8" x 2.6" x 1.8", 0.6 lbs9.9" x 8.6" x 5.9", 2.3 lbs5" x 4.3" x 2.7", 14.8 oz
Smartphone Compatible/AppYesNoYes
Hands Free Pumping?Yes with pumping braYes with pumping braYes
Included Flanges Size
21 & 24mm25mm24 & 28mm
3rd party flange availability?Yes. Yes with sizes up to 32mm and 36mmYesNo
Max Pump Strength245280220
NoiseLowLowVery Quiet
BatteryBuilt in rechargeable (USB)6 AA batteries Rechargeable

Medela Free Style Flex  – Best Double Electric Breast Pump for Moms With Large Breasts

Company Background

Medela is synonymous with breastfeeding and pumping. Headquartered in Switzerland and founded by Swiss Olle Larson in 1961. Medela has formed a permanent position when it comes to breast pumps and breastfeeding. 

The company not only produces breast pumps and breastfeeding essentials, it is also a medical device (medical vacuum) manufacturer and is very active in research and development and specifically in the area of breastfeeding , supporting mothers to initiate, build and maintain their milk supply.

Medela is committed towards mother and baby health and focuses on helping mothers to feed breast milk as long as possible and to provide in-depth information to empower mums to make informed decisions about their breastfeeding goals.

Product Introduction

Medela’s Freestyle Flex Breast Pump is a double electric daily use pump designed for the on-the-go mom who pumps several times a day. Freestyle Flex is the improved version of the older Freestyle. Freestyle Flex is designed to fit your active lifestyle: it’s light, compact, and has a USB chargeable battery to give you the flexibility to express wherever and whenever you like, with no compromise on pumping performance. 

Why is this a great breastpump for moms with large breast?

Weighing less than 1 pound, you can simply slip it in your purse or baby bag and you’re ready to get on with your busy day! Like all Medela breast pumps, Freestyle Flex is built with 2-Phase Expression Technology to help moms produce more milk in less time. 

The Freestyle Flex is a complete breast pump system that  also comes with a tote bag with a cooler bag with cooling element (to keep expressed breast milk chilled) on the go. 

This convenient, all in one solution gives you everything you need to pump on-the-go including a USB charging cable and a modern touch screen display that allows mom to easily track and record pumping sessions through the MyMedela app (available on iOS and Android)

Pros and Cons


  • Light and compact
  • Designed for travel and on the go
  • Closed system that prevents overflowing
  • Easy to clean


  • Suction strength can be improved

Lansinoh Signature PRo – Best Affordable Double Electric Breast Pump For Moms With Large Breasts (Overall Runners’ Up)

Company Background

Lansinoh was founded 35 years ago by a mom frustrated with breastfeeding problems. The company has evolved itself to serve moms and families globally in over 60 countries.

Known for its award winning breast pumps, lanolin nipple creams , nursing pads and everything for mommies and babies. Lansinoh is a trusted company founded by a breastfeeding mom for moms who want to succeed in breastfeeding and that remains its passion and driving force until today.

Product Introduction

The Lansinoh Signature Pro is an advanced technology double electric breast pump that comes at a very affordable price. Built for comfort and ease of use, the Lansinoh Signature Pro is also a complete pumping set with Lansinoh bottles, nipple (teat) and a tote bag to pump on the go. 

Why is this a great breast pump for moms with large breasts?

Portable and lightweight. The Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump is the only breast pump built with 3 pumping styles, to match baby’s feeding patterns for maximum efficiency and 8 suction levels adjustable to suit mommy’s comfort.

It is also integrated with the two-phase technology : stimulation mode to initiate milk flow and expression mode maximizing milk flow.

The great thing about this electric breast pump for mom’s with larger breasts is that you could also pump directly into Lansinoh Milk Storage bags (instead of needing to pour from the bottle to the bag) for quick storage.

It is also compatible with all Lansinoh products and selected 3rd party manufacturers like Pumpin’Pal.

Pros & Cons


  • Value for money
  • Pumps directly into Lansinoh milk storage bags
  • Comfortable


  • Not mobile phone compatible/ no app
  • Flange may be too small (but you can get 3rd party flanges like Pumpin’Pal)

Elvie Double Pump – Best Wearable Double Electric Breast Pump For Moms With Large Breasts 

Elvie Best Electric Breast Pump For Larger Breast

Company Background

Elvie is a femtech company focused on using technology / software for women’s health. Being a tech company revolving around women health issues, it’s main mission is to improve women’s lives through smarter technology.

Apart from the innovative wearable breast pump, Elvie has also created the Elvie Trainer a unique one of its kind kegel trainer to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Product Introduction

The Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump (also available single) is an innovative wearable breast pump ,wireless, tubeless and you can control the pump from your phone.

Literally pump on the go hands free.

Unlike other breast pumps, the Elvie is so convenient , the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern was reported to be using a wireless breast pump during her official visits.

You don’t need a specialized nursing or pumping bra to go hands free as you just simply tuck it inside your bra. (pic)

Why is this a great breast pump for moms with larger breast?

This is revolutionary especially for moms who are working and pumping.

Also when it comes to having larger breasts, this little genius is tucked inside your bra and it won’t make you look bulky and your colleagues wouldn’t even know you are pumping underneath.

That’s because the Elvie is super silent and is controlled from the convenience of your phone (app)

Pros & Cons


  • Wearable (tucked in bra)
  • Extremely mobile. Pump on the go
  • Wireless
  • Very light <1 lb
  • Silent


  • Suction is not good
  • Very Pricey $$$$

Recommended /Other Accessories To Complement Best Electric Breast Pump for Large Breasts

Pumping Bra

Moms with larger breasts will definitely benefit from having a pumping bra or bustier.

Using a pumping bra attached to double electric breast pumps will allow a hands free pumping experience. If you prefer strapless hands free pumping bra, this is one you should consider.

Nipple Cream

If you’re breastfeeding and occasionally pumping or even exclusively pumping, you’ll feel it becomes a routine and on a daily basis, the frequency of pumping and/or breastfeeding is about 6-10 times.

This becomes a little stressful to your nipples and you may feel sore after a while.

Thankfully, a good nipple cream soothes the soreness and keeps you going, this nipple cream is also edible so you can apply it and continue pumping or breastfeeding without needing to remove it first.

Some moms swear by dabbing nipples with some expressed breastmilk, but it didn’t work for me.

Nipple Correctors / Shield (if you are both breastfeeding and pumping)

For mommies with shy, inverted or flat nipples, breast pump flange may not efficiently draw the milk from your nipples.

Having nipplesuckers or correctors can fix this problem and allow you to have a productive pumping session.

Also for mommies who are breastfeeding with sore nipples, you could also use a nipple shield to protect your nipples and allow you to continue breastfeeding without pain and discomfort. 


The best electric breast pump for large breasts is simply one that is comfortable and right for you.

Most breast pumps work in a similar principle but the main thing about difference from one mommy to another is the flange size which is basically the nipple size.

Having larger breasts may also require a  double breast pump and nursing bra so you can pump more effectively hands free rather than to hold on to your breast and get your hands and wrist tired.