Best Shoes For Pregnancy

Best Shoes For Pregnancy: What Are the Best Shoes to Wear While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey.

But let’s be honest, it’s not a journey without ups and downs.

From the morning sickness, to round ligament pain and back ache, the pain and soreness never ends.

To make things worse, your body will go through changes on a weekly basis, you gain weight, you get clumsier and everywhere hurts. 

As you progress in your pregnancy, hormones that relax your muscles and ligaments will become relaxed and softer and you’ll be more prone to ankle sprains if you are not wearing the right footwear.

Also, your feet and ankles will start to swell, so you’ll need good shoes to provide stability and support as your weight increases and center of gravity shifts forward as your bump begins to expand.

 With your feet already so stressed, it’s great to get yourself a pair of shoes to support your pregnant body.  Don’t worry, your shoes need not be ugly. Some of these functional and comfortable shoes are really cute and stylish too.

 So, here is our pick of what are the best shoes for pregnancy.

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    Our Best Picks (Pregnancy & Maternity Shoes)

    Category Name Features
    Best Overall Best Pregnancy Shoes Overall Skechers Go Walk 5 Performance ·Synthetic sole ·Breathable air mesh upper ·Machine washable ·Lightweight
    Best For Work Best Pregnancy Shoes For Work Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs ·Synthetic sole ·Padded-instep collar ·Leather uppers ·Roomy toe box ·EVA midsole
    Best for Swollen Feet Best Pregnancy Shoes For Swollen Feet Teva Ember Moc​ ·Rubber sole ·Knitted collar ·Rubber outsole ·Collapsible heel
    Best Runners nergizev1 New Balance Fuel Core Nergize V1 ·Lightweight design ·Padded footbed ·Moisture absorbent ·Stable midsole
    Best Dress Shoes Best Pregnancy Dress Shoes Beautifeel Amada Ballet Flats · Leather outsole · Latex sole · Slip-On closure · Wide shoe width
    Best For Support Best Support Shoes For Pregnancy Ortofeet Coral Stretchable · Wide toe area · Wide width · Comfortable footbed · Stable insoles · Non-slip rubber sole
    Best Winter Boots Best Pregnancy Winter Boots UGG Larra Snow Boot · Shaft length of 7.5 inches · UGG wool lining · Classic design · High traction outsole
    Best Slip-Ons Best Pregnancy Slip-Ons TOMS Canvas Classics ·Durable rubber sole ·Made of canvas ·Comfortable footbed
    Best Flip-Flops / Summer Best Pregnancy Flip-Flops Vionic Women's Tide II Toe Post Sandal · Slip on · Rubber outsole · Orthotic footbed · Leather material · EVA midsole
    Best Sandals Best Pregnancy Sandals Clarks Women's Leisa Lacole Slide Sandal ·Synthetic sole ·Cushioned and Ortholite footbed ·Durable leather ·Low1.5" Heel

    Towards the end of my second trimester, I was getting clumsier and losing balance all the time.

    Thank God , I didn’t trip and fall. But that was a clear sign I needed more supportive footwear for my growing feet (yes your feet grow larger when you are pregnant).

    I wanted something that could support my growing feet and consistent weight gain but I didn’t want to compromise on getting a pair of ugly shoes.

    I had to find a pair that looked good at the same time and keep my legs up.

    Best Maternity Shoes (Overall) - Skechers GoWalk5 Performance

    Best Pregnancy Shoes Overall

    Company Introduction

    The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Skechers is comfort walking shoes. Skechers prides itself as a lifestyle footwear company but has expanded to also athletic and performance footwear. Founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg who also previously founded LA Gear. 

    Skechers is now a global footwear company that endorses many professional athletes such as Brooke Henderson & David Ortiz  and celebrities such as Demi Lovato & Camila Cabello.

    It is the third largest footwear company in the United States and has global presence in 170+ countries in the world, 70+ offices and showrooms globally with over 3500+ stores globally.

    Product Introduction

    This is one of the performance quality walking shoes in the Skechers range. It is designed to be simple yet comfortable. Simply slip them on and you have a great pair of comfortable shoes to support your feet for hours.


    Apart from simply easy slip on shoes, Skechers made sure that the GoWalk 5 walking shoes are packed with features to ensure comfort walking for long hours. 

    Firstly, these shoes weigh just 5.5oz (156gms) on a size 5. That’s even lighter than an iPhone 11.

    Made using 100% mesh fabric, the shoes are highly breathable, keeping your feet fresh and cool. 

    Synthetic soles with lightweight dual density Ultra Go outsole, flexible full-length foam unit which incorporates high-rebound ULTRA PILLARS at the bottom.

    This construction helps in keeping the foot safely cushioned in the right areas while adding a springy underfoot effect.

    While in the insole, you’ll find a removable foam insert. Its purpose is to complement the main cushioning by adding extra padding and underfoot comfort.  

    The Air-Cooled Goga Mat is another breathable insole which also delivers responsive cushioning.

    Width wise, the GoWalk 5 sneakers come in 2 variations (medium and wide fit). Half sizes are also available.

    Medium (B for Women)

    The shoe fits snug in each section, from heel to toes. 

    It caters to women with narrow and standard foot dimensions.

    Wide Fit ( D for women) 

    This profile gives a looser fit across the entire foot to accommodate women with wider feet.

    Note: Your feet will grow larger when you are pregnant, it is advisable to get 1/2 a full size larger

    for comfort, especially in the third trimester (final weeks of pregnancy)

    If you are purchasing Skechers walking shoes online and have no chance of trying a pair in person, you can use the Skechers’ printable Fit Guides to achieve the correct length measurement.

    The GoWalk 5 is easy to maintain and machine washable.




    Best Pregnancy Shoes for Work – Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs

    Best Pregnancy Shoes For Working

    Company  Introduction

    Dansko literally means “Danish Shoe” was founded in 1990 by Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup, both were horse trainers and dressage instructors. Dansko were actually made as the perfect “barn shoe” but it became popular and the rest is history.

    Dansko’s mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives through great products, sincere passion and a commitment to a better tomorrow. 

    The company is 100% owned by its own employees and is widely popular in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand with over 2500 vendors from departmental stores, shoe stores and online retailers.

    Dansko clogs feature anatomically contoured arch support, a rocker-bottom sole and a slightly raised heel.

    These features are meant to offer increased shock absorbency, extra stability and ease leg and back muscles of wearers who stand or walk for many hours a day.

    Dansko shoes are particularly popular with occupational professionals who spend most of the day on their feet, like teachers, chefs, and those in the medical field, but are also worn by others for comfort and support.

    Product Introduction

    The XP 2.0 is a 100% leather clog . Sturdy and ergonomically designed, these clogs are designed to be worn  for exceptional support and comfort, all day long.


    These shoes are made for walking and working long hours, with no compromise to comfort.

    Whilst these clogs wear slightly differently from other shoes, once you get the hang of these shoes you will never want anything else.

    First of all being working shoes, slip resistant is important. The Dansko XP 2.0 is suitable for dry, wet and oily/wet surfaces.  The 100% leather upper is also easily cleaned. You’ll just need to wipe it down with clean cloth.

    Inside, the contoured lightweight midsole combined with removable memory foam footbed provides comfort, flexibility and shock absorption.

    The memory footbed is also made with the Dansko Natural Arch technology provides great support for flat feet. You could also customize different orthotics as the memory footbed is removable.

    For all day stability and sturdiness, it has a roomy rounded reinforced toe box that keeps your toes comfortable and allows your toes to wiggle around. Anti-fatigue rocker bottoms keeps you moving all day long.

    The padded instep collar provides added comfort while walking.

    Although being sturdier in construction and 100% leather, a pair only weighs only 1.6 pounds. 

    Lastly, the Dansko XP 2.0 is also approved by the American Podiatry Medical Association .



    Best Pregnancy Shoes for Swollen Feet - Teva Ember Moc

    Best Pregnancy Shoes For Swollen Feet

    Company Introduction

    Teva is an authentic icon in the outdoor industry. Founded in the early 1980’s by a Colorado River guide, Teva pioneered the sport-sandal category.

    For more than 20 years on rivers, in canyons, and across the trails of the great outdoors, athletes and enthusiasts have traveled the globe comfortably and confidently in Teva footwear.

    Providing positive contributions to the world in which we play is at the core of everything Teva stands for.

    The Teva name itself is a Hebrew word meaning “nature” and the hand logo is the Hopi symbol for “friendship” and “water.”

    Teva supports the outdoor athletic lifestyle and remains committed to innovation in outdoor performance footwear, the platforms which carry enthusiasts beyond the offices of the day-to-day and onto the rivers, trails, and canyons of the next adventure.

    Product Intro

    Part sneaker, part sleeping bag, this supremely chill slip-on handles tender feet to the most extreme activities, featuring a laidback collapsible heel and a soft, slipper-like comfort.


    The Ember Moc is a pair of unique footwear.  Purposed to be an all day wear , it was designed for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and just getting around.

    For pregnant women, you want a pair of shoes that can feel warm, snug and comfortable all day long, much a like a sleeping bag.

    The lining is made of microfiber for a soft and premium feel against the skin. 

    Lightweight foam midsole adds cushioning for maximum comfort. 

    Rubber outsole for durability and traction.

    Best Pregnancy Shoes For Swollen Feet



    Best Pregnancy Runners -Fuel Core Nergize V1 (New Balance)

    The best tennis shoes for pregnant women are supportive, lightweight and comfortable. The Fuel Core Nergize VI sneakers fit well and are a worthwhile investment when pregnant. These shoes are all-around, and the brand has a reputation for comfort.

    For starters, they are a snug fit, and you can wear them without socks. The material consists of fabric and synthetic with a lace-up for extra support.

    The mid-sole section and the outer sole are well designed to offer superior support and flexibility, whereas the cushioned footbed allows for shock absorption. Additionally, there is an enhanced moisture management system that incorporates a mesh upper for maximum ventilation.

    Finally, the shoes are versatile, attractive and look good on casual wear.



    Best Pregnancy Dress Shoes - Beautifeel Amada Ballet Flats

    When looking for a pair of shoes to blend with your pregnancy dress, you’ll want one that fits comfortably and a stylish pair.

    You’ll feel like a princess wearing the Beautiful Amada Ballet Flats shoe. As the word suggests, these shoes are flat and attractive, and you can wear with a pregnancy dress.

    To start with, they are made of high-quality leather for the upper area, whereas the sole is made of durable latex. These low profile shoes have a slide closure that allows for an effortless slip-on.

    Additionally, they have a feminine appeal and are a true fit. Hence you can wear them all day. Whereas they feature a low-profile design, the toe box is amazingly deeper, and there’s plenty of space to wiggle.



    Best Pregnancy Support Shoes - Orthofeet Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

    Best Pregnancy Shoes For Support

    The Orthopedic footwear is made for people suffering from heel pain, foot pain and plantar fasciitis due to their lightweight and comfortable profile.

    With this in mind, they offer satisfactory results to pregnant women looking for a comfortable pair of sneakers to soothe and pamper the feet. These sneakers come in different widths and as a pregnant woman, you can choose the extra-wide width for the best fit.

    You’ll enjoy the plushness that accompanies these shoes. The inside is made of a seam-free lining and foam padding to offer exclusive comfort. If your feet are sensitive, this is the real deal.

    The toe box is wide and provides room for the toes. Also, it eases pressure on the feet, giving you long-lasting comfort.

    Even more friendly is the removable insoles that offer plenty of space for custom orthotics. All these features combined reduce stress on your joint, promote stability and mobility



    Best Winter Boots For Pregnancy - UGG Larra Snow Boot

    Best Pregnancy Winter Boots

    Winter has its fair share of challenges for pregnant women. Although slip-on shoes have a low design, it can get tricky finding a comfortable pair of the shoe while protecting your feet from freezing.

    Most of the boots off the rack may feel uncomfortable to wear. Thankfully, we’ve selected the UGG’s waterproof rain boot, which comes loaded with lots of features to keep your leg comfortable and warm during winter.

    They are designed like normal boots, and the shaft stretches 7.5 inches beyond the arch. Hence, this offers the best coverage even when walking outside when its raining or snowing.

    These durable boots are stylish and come in a classic design which will not spoil your sense of fashion.

    Something else to note is UGG wool lining for the insole, which adds to your comfort. In addition, they have been specially treated to eliminate water droplets or strains.

    Finally, unlike ordinary boots that have zippers, these have a wide opening, and hence you won’t need to bend over when fastening



    Best Pregnancy Slip-On Shoes - TOMS Canvas Classics

    Best Slip-Ons Pregnancy Shoes

    One could be mistaken to think that TOMS CANVAS Classics are regular slip-on shoes. On the contrary, these are incredibly useful for pregnant women looking for a comfortable pair of shoes.

    For starters, they are available in many colors and hence you can pick one that best suits you. For maximum comfort, the footbed is made of suede leather, and the latex-arch insert offers more support to the feet.

    The entire upper is made of canvas, which has excellent qualities when it comes it comes to aeration and expansion. The outsole is made of anti-slip rubber that protects you against slips.



    Best Flip Flops / Summer Shoes For Pregnancy - Vionic Women's Tide II Toe Post Sandal

    Best Flip Flops For Pregnancy

    With the sun high and temperatures rising during summer, the feet can swell and cause discomfort. Don’t allow the heat to dampen your moods since the Vionic is there to save the day and let you enjoy your summer in style.

    The Vionic Tide II Toe sandals are made of pure leather for durability and a comfortable nylon-webbing upper. The footbed is orthotic, and this makes these sandals versatile for everyday wear. Even better, this reduces friction and heel pain and allows you to stay splendid even on hotter days.

    The outsole is made to last and offers traction on slippery floors or uneven grounds such as the beach sand.

    To sum it up, the EVA midsole supports the feet and ensures stability even as you walk around.



    Best Pregnancy Sandals - Clarks Women's Leisa Lacole Slide Sandal

    Best Pregnancy Sandals

    Several things make these shoes to topple the rest in market full of all manner of shoes. As a slip-on sandal, you can wear them during summer and allow your feet to stay cool under the heat.

    The Clarks Women’s Leisa Sandals fall within the category of the best sandals. They are made of authentic leather that will last many days.

    For safety issues during pregnancy, you’ll be happy to note that the sole is made of a synthetic material that has excellent non-slip characteristics. For more comfort, they are adjustable to suit your size.

    Despite the low profile design, the heel has a comfortable height of 1.5 inches. In addition to this, the footbed is ortholite, and this reduces heel pain or pressure on the heels.



    How Will Shoes Ease Your Pregnancy Journey?

    First-time mommies might not know what to expect. It might sound a bit weird to you that you have to wear certain types of shoes. Here are some changes that happen in pregnancy, making it imperative to get certain types of shoes.

    Wider Feet

    Did you know that it’s quite normal for women’s feet to grow larger during pregnancy? This is actually a fact and not fiction!

    When you’re pregnant, your body starts to prepare itself for the miracle of birth. In doing so, it releases relaxin. This is a hormone that enables the pelvis to expand before the delivery.

    One of the effects of this hormone is that it loosens the ligaments in your feet. Consequently, your feet can grow wider and/or longer.

    Pregnancy shoes leave room for this change to take place, literally! They give your feet the room they need to grow and swell without adding the extra pressure or constricting them. Not only does this make you more comfortable, but it’s also physically better for you.

    Looser Ligaments

    Remember those loose ligaments? They can be a hazard too.

    This leads to ankle instability, which might get worse with the extra baby weight. It’s therefore crucial that you wear shoes that won’t exacerbate your imbalance.

    You might walk differently when your ligaments are relaxed, so the type of shoes you wear should be comfortable in whatever gait you assume. Otherwise, you would be risking spraining your ankles.


    Swelling is pretty much inevitable, especially in your feet.

    That incessant throbbing in your feet is caused by edema. This means that fluids are building up in your feet.

    The best way to deal with edema is to keep your feet up so that the fluids can flow down by gravity. When your feet aren’t high up, they should be in comfortable shoes. If your shoes are too tight, the swelling will only get worse.

    Back Pain

    There are a couple of things that cause back pain in pregnancy.

    Relaxin loosens the ligaments in your spine, which raises the likelihood of painful muscle sprains. Weight gain and even stress make your back pain worse.

    To avoid adding to your pain, you should abstain from wearing high heels.

    Here is a great article on pregnancy back pain and what you can do to feel better.

    Blood Circulation

    A baby changes a lot of things in your body. The little bundle of joy creates pressure on your body that slows down your blood circulation a little bit. This multiplies the negative effects of other ailments that also slows your circulation.

    Studies show that wearing the right kind of shoes could actually improve your blood circulation. Seriously! You see, wearing tight shoes might keep the blood in your feet longer than usual, thereby hindering its movement to the rest of the body.

    Joint Pain

    You guessed it, even your joints hurt during that magical time. You’re going to want to try your best at keeping the pain at a minimum. That’s another reason to avoid high heels; they load pressure on your joints rather than support them.

    Heel Pain

    Are you one of these people whose heels hurt from long hours of walking? No? Prepare to be.

    Your feet are carrying the weight of two now, your arch is overwhelmed. It can grow tired or even flatten, which is when the heel pain kicks in, pun intended!

    Your choice of footwear should have minimal pressure on your heels and, if possible, arch support. Don’t forget to stretch those feet! You can thank us later.

    What Pregnancy Shoes Should You Get?

    Now that we’re done with the why, let’s move on to the what. What kind of shoes will make your journey as pain-free as possible?

    Easy to Put On

    Can you imagine bending down over your baby bump for a few minutes to tie your shoelaces or close your straps? Ouch!

    Why put yourself through that discomfort? That’s why slip-ons were invented! Well, probably not for that, but you know what we mean.

    Always make sure your choice of footwear can be worn in no time with zero effort. Handsfree slip-ons are the ideal type. 


    Remember the blood circulation issue? That’s why you need roomy shoes.

    Your feet are likely going to grow a little bit, so your regular shoes might not suffice anymore. You need shoes that have some extra space for your feet to grow without being pressured.

    Tight shoes will also increase the swelling in your feet. 

    Plus, tight shoes are straight-out uncomfortable. Do you really want to make yourself feel more stifled?

    Fitting and Adjustability

    How do your shoes fit? Yes, they should definitely be roomy, but don’t mistake that for oversized.

    Your shoes should have room for your legs to breathe and grow but should still fit. That means that you should be able to walk in them comfortably without them coming off.

    The best way to go is to opt for adjustable shoes. They should fit you well, yet can be adjusted to be wider or vice versa.

    Doing so means your shoes can grow just as your feet do. It’ll save you the hassle of buying new pairs every couple of months.

    Arch Support

    Arch support is also quite important.

    It helps you relieve heel pain and prevent ligament inflammation that could be caused by the additional weight.

    While you shouldn’t wear high heels, try to avoid super flat shoes since they lack arch support.

    Low Heel

    We can’t stress this enough; never wear high heels. Keep your fashion choices smart for your baby’s well-being.

    Pregnancy changes your center of gravity; you can easily lose your balance and fall when you’re pregnant. Falling is too big of a risk, it’s definitely not worth it.

    You could also cause severe damage to your ankles if you wear heels while the ligaments are loosened. Can you imagine having a wicked sprain while you’re pregnant? Or painfully stretched muscles? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    High heels can also increase your back pain. Your back will be under a lot of stress already, changing its posture this way would be adding more stress and, by extension, amplifying your pain.

    Shoes with low heels, however, provide you with enough arch support without putting your balance at stake.


    Last but most definitely not least, comfort. Do not choose cute shoes if they’re not comfortable, they’re not worth it.

    While pregnancy is magical, it sure won’t feel like it to you. At least not when it comes to your feet.

    Your feet can be sore and throbbing while you’re at home, barefoot. Can you imagine cramming them while their size is practically doubled into shoes?

    Make sure the shoes you buy will support you, not hurt you. They should make walking easier and less of a pain.

    Don’t listen to what anyone thinks if a pair of shoes brings you discomfort. Listen to your body; Are your feet comfortable? Do they have room to breathe? Are you well-balanced?

    Tips on Choosing Pregnancy Shoes

    So how do you come to a decision?

    Two words: hot weather.

    Since your feet will already be swollen, sandals should be the best roomy choice. If you’re somewhere where it’s not cold, don’t hesitate to wear sandals.

    If you live somewhere freezing where it rains a lot, boots are your safest option. They will keep your legs safe while protecting you against slipping.

    Ballerina flats aren’t generally recommended to wear when you’re expecting. The lack of arch support might be strenuous on your feet.

    You could wear them on a night out, for instance, if you won’t be doing much walking or standing.

    Try to choose ones that have some arch support. 

    If your daily life involves exercising or a lot of walking, whether it’s for work or even at home, trainers or casual shoes might just be what you need. They’ll keep you moving with little to no discomfort.

    Wedges are your alternative to wearing high heels.

    They give you the extra height while maintaining your balance and arch support. If you don’t go for ones that are too high, they should be a pretty safe choice.

    Other Notable Maternity Shoes / Footwear - Worthy Mentions and Alternatives

    There are other alternatives maternity footwear and complementing products that could provide you with the needed support.

    Compression Stockings and Ankle Socks

    Compression socks and stockings are a great solution when it comes to improving your blood circulation.

    They apply pressure on your legs to get that blood flowing back to your heart, thereby reducing swelling. Just make sure they fit well.

    Since the swelling is likely the worst at your ankles, you could simply opt for compression ankle socks. This might come in handy in hot weather conditions if you don’t need entire stockings. Let your poor legs breathe.

    Maternity insoles are a hack that can turn your favorite pair of shoes into pregnancy shoes!

    They provide arch support while keeping your feet comfy and cushioned. You might even forget about back pain!

    Putting on shoes is already tough in the third trimester, do you want to also bother tying shoelaces?

    Here’s a simple solution, no shoelaces at all! Well, you can have shoelaces but you don’t really need to tie them. Yes, it’s an option! XPand No-Tie Shoelaces are one of the best products in this category. They can fit almost all shoes! 

    Specialized Shoes and Brands

    These brands are like sponsors to pregnancies.

    Almost all Birkenstock products have amazing arch support. They provide your back with some well-needed comfort.


    MBT’s slip-on sneakers make long walking hours seem like nothing. They’ll keep you comfy, safely balanced, and supported. Their sandals are just as impressive too!

    KYBun shoes feature elastic springs in their arches for incredible comfort. The “Swiss air-cushion shoes” support your heels to keep you on your feet for as long as you need to be!


    Here are some questions other mamas are asking.

    Is it bad to bend down when I’m pregnant?

    If you have no complications, you can bend over while pregnant but as seldom as possible. Try to avoid doing so altogether if you’re in your third trimester.

    How should I bend over while pregnant?

    Squat down rather than lean over. You should never lean your upper body forward.

    Is lifting heavy objects dangerous to pregnant women?

    Yes, you shouldn’t lift heavy objects when you’re expecting.

    If you must, however, keep your back straight while bending your knees and hips. And first, make sure your feet are steadily positioned on the floor. Bring the object close to your body and straighten back up.

    Is it OK to wear heels during the first trimester?

    You can wear heels during your first trimester since the hormones are still minimal. But make sure you don’t do so afterward.

    How do I put on my shoes/socks when pregnant?

    Have a seat! Don’t try putting on your shoes or socks while standing up or you might fall. Now that you’re sitting, cross your legs to put on your shoes or socks.

    If that still doesn’t work, try Amy Schumer’s method! Raise your leg backward on your couch or bed and try doing it from that position.

    How can I reduce painful swelling in my feet while pregnant?

    It’s imperative to avoid standing up for too long. Otherwise, you’ll keep all the fluids in your feet and slow your circulation even more.

    Always keep your feet up! Whenever you’re sitting down, keep your feet elevated to drain the edema through gravity.

    Pregnancy is an amazing excuse to get a massage! A decent foot massage should help reduce the swelling. You can also try prenatal yoga!

    The Bottom Line

    Now, baby mama, you know all you need to!

    You know what kinds of shoes to choose, how to decide, and why you should choose them in the first place!

    Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort. You can restore it after knowing the best shoes to wear while pregnant.

    Don’t let anything take away your pregnancy glow!

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