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Does Breast Milk Quality Testing Make A Difference?

Modern technology has made it so much easier to get tested for pretty much anything that you could be worried about.

You can find at-home tests to help with your sleep, stress levels, and even genetics that provide accurate results. Breast milk is no exception to this list.

Thanks to Lactation Lab mothers can now get accurate breast milk quality testing at home.

Your breast milk is your baby’s only source of nutrients so it’s completely understandable if you’re wondering what exactly is in it.

It’s important that your baby is getting the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients to grow at a healthy rate. 

If you are planning to introduce your baby to solid foods anytime soon then it is a good idea to have your breast milk tested to see what they’re currently eating.

It could help you make the right choices on which items to put in their diet as you ween them onto food. 

How Breast Milk Quality Testing Can Play A Difference In Your Baby’s Growth

One scenario some moms find themselves in is that they are able to produce a lot of milk to feed their baby and their baby will continue to eat without a problem, yet they still aren’t gaining weight.

Babies need to gain weight to stay healthy, so it can cause a mother a lot of stress if their baby isn’t gaining any.

Sometimes a mother has a preexisting health condition that they may not be aware of, such as low B-12 levels or iron deficiency.

If a mother is lacking nutrients in her own body then it will affect her breast milk.

Breast milk quality testing will show mothers if their milk is lacking any important nutrients. 

Newborn babies should be feeding at least 8 times every 24 hours.

This is how they gain the proper amount of weight they need to grow into a healthy child.

It is important to know whether or not the milk you are producing is sufficient enough to nourish a growing human. 

How Do Breast Milk Quality Tests Work?

Breast milk quality testing results can show mothers if they need to make any adjustments in their diet to make sure their baby is getting the healthiest milk.

When a mother is able to produce milk filled with nutrients the baby needs then they are able to continue to breastfeed for longer.

Breast milk is the most natural form of milk you can give a baby, which is why many mothers want to continue the process for as long as possible. The breast milk quality testing kit from Lactation Lab is able to get a measurement of a new mother’s breast milk. It will pick up on many nutritional properties, such as:

  • Calories
  • Proteins
  • Fatty Acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Iron Calcium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B-12

Breast milk quality testing is also able to show if there are any environmental toxins that are affecting the quality of your milk.

This test can help you focus on making the right dietary and lifestyle choices you need to produce the best quality milk.

Eliminating the factors that are causing the environmental toxins can help improve what you’re feeding your baby.

Can You Test Your Breast Milk At Home?

Lactation Lab is an at-home breast milk quality testing kit that you can order online.

Let’s face it, new moms don’t have any time to be out shopping for testing kits.

Once the package arrives you can take a read-through of the instructions.

The instructions are very easy to follow because Lactation Lab knows a new mom is too tired for anything complicated at this point.

There are two test tubes, each can hold one ounce of breast milk.

You will need to fill up each test tube within a period of 24 hours to get the most accurate results.

Once they are filled up you will need to place them in the freezer for the night. 

A bag is provided in the kit so you can ship your breast milk back to Lactation Lab for results.

Once they get your milk it usually takes them a few weeks to get everything examined.

When your breast milk has been thoroughly examined they will mail back your results.

Along with your results, you will also get nutritional advice and recommendations to improve the amount of nutrients in your breast milk.

Lactation Lab isn’t meant to scope out your nutritional deficiencies.

It’s designed to help new mothers focus on the right nutritional choices so mothers can provide nutrient-rich milk for longer.

The goal is to help mothers make healthier decisions so they can have healthy growing children.

Some mothers learn that they need to up the number of calories in their daily diet, so they can happily order an extra-large pizza.

Others learn that they have a particular vitamin deficiency and need to add more seeds or particular fruits to their diet.

It can even help you determine if you need to take any extra vitamins.

For your new baby’s health, it’s important that you make the right choices with yours.

On top of telling you which nutrient you may be deficient in and how to improve it, Lactation Lab also provides information as to why you need to makes sure your baby is getting that nutrient from your milk.

They explain how it helps throughout your baby’s growth process. 

Does Breast Milk Quality Testing Make A Difference?

It’s only natural to be concerned about what you’re feeding your baby.

Having your breast milk tested can help guide you in the right direction for the choices you’re making that are affecting your baby’s health.

If you knew that certain changes to what you’re eating could help your baby gain weight then wouldn’t you want to know about it?

Breast milk quality testing does make a difference if you want to provide your baby with the best source of vitamins and nutrients they can get. 


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