First Time Parent Anxiety Tips How You Can Make Them Go Away

First Time Parent Anxiety? You’re NOT Alone!

Congratulations to you going on this journey as a first time parent.

The first moments when my wife and I found out we were becoming new parents were filled with both excitement and fear.

Couple happy celebrating pregnancy

I remember after the initial excitement had settled down.

My wife was restless and started to overthink things…like

What if my breasts don’t produce milk?

What if my baby cries and I don’t know what to do …

What if thisWhat if that?

Why do most new parents-to-be wrestle with first time parent anxiety?

Is there anyone who didn’t get bogged down with the pre-parenting blues?

Maybe a few but somehow, you must have caught yourself worrying about what your new phase is going to look like.

Why do most new parents-to-be wrestle with first time parent anxiety?

Is there anyone who didn’t get bogged down with the pre-parenting blues?

Maybe a few but somehow, you must have caught yourself worrying about what your new phase is going to look like.

Well, it is completely ok to feel anxious and tense every once in a while as you and your partner are getting used to this new environment.

In fact, things will not be the same because of the coming new bundle of joy, seeking all of your attention and that may just not be enough. So if you are experiencing signs like this, don’t stress your soul out.

Anxiety and stress is caused by worrying and thinking over the outcome of things you can’t control.


Being something new, first-time parent anxiety is a common condition as you can’t control what will happen but you can control what you set out to do…

Here are some things I learned to do that made me live out most days without remembering the first alphabet of the word “anxiety.”

Talk To Someone

Getting pregnant is a new experience. It can be daunting and overwhelming at first. Especially the rush of hormones, simply just feeling not yourself and body changes.

If you’re feeling very anxious during your pregnancy, it’s important to talk it out with someone.

Your husband,  partner, a close friend, or family member may be able to offer support. You’ll find you feel a lot better simply by sharing your first time parent anxiety thoughts and feelings.

Plan For My Baby’s Arrival

Decorating Baby Nursery
Credit: Designed by alexandercho / Freepik

Worry! But every “first-time-expecting-mom” does that!  …and you are right but maybe not every new mom is  prepared to deal with this anxiety.

It’s never too early to plan for your baby’s arrival.

Researching and getting the baby’s essentials and arranging the nursery to taste with your favorite baby theme decoration is great but that alone may not keep the nerves away.

A friend of mine Thelma, a mother of two cute boys aged 2 and 5.

When I asked her what she would’ve done back when she was expecting her first boy, she shared her anxiety-killing hacks with me and one of them is the scheduling of “things to do” ahead of the baby’s arrival.

1.Plan for essential things to get for your baby and yourself

2.Picking and choosing the name of your baby (it’s really a fun and engaging activity)

3.Keeping your nutrition in check

4.Plan and pack your hospital bag (it’s never too early for it)

When you prepare yourself , you will feel more controlled and confident on what to do next.

Essentially, all the things here will keep you busy and won’t wander around being anxious.

With this, you will have an idea of the things to be prepared for every day and this will make you less anxious, embracing every day with optimism.

Keep a Diary / Journal (even before my baby arrives)

Keeping A Pregnancy Journal

Every day with your child promises to be very fascinating and you will naturally love to remember each day’s episodes, won’t you? Well, more than storing memories, keeping a journal of my daughter’s activities helped me in a lot of ways.

This is something I regret not doing from day 1.

You see, pregnancy is a very exciting journey and it’s great to rekindle that experience many years from now and even share it with your baby when the time comes.

Keep all the pictures along the way, the big fat positive urine pregnancy tests (my wife did 3 just for the sake of excitement and making herself feel good)

Oh yes, that nasty bout of morning sickness may not be something you want to remember but it’s all part of going through a journey and experience. Take a picture of your morning sickness face and I bet your future self will be laughing and having fun just reminiscing about it .

You could even keep them all here.

If you like to get it organized and all, why not start a blog or facebook page and just document down the things on a daily basis.

You will be amazed with the progress and you can cherish all these moments later, especially when your baby is older. Share with her during the times she was kicking and making all the rumble in your belly.

Write down how you feel, any peculiar things, doctors visits and even scans, I love looking at baby’s scans. I remember at week 6 when she was just a little dot, and then at week 12 when we could see her tiny shape growing,..and at week 16 when we found we were having a baby girl, and it goes on…we even got a scan printed out she was sucking on her thumb.

Distract yourself with a hobby

Pregnancy Hobby - Reading a Book

There’s no doubt pregnancy can make the best or worse out of you. The hormones will be raging and there are some days you feel so emotional and there are days you feel you just want to stab your husband in the chest for leaving the toilet seat up.

Embrace that episodes like these come and go.

When you feel a little moody or edgy, distract yourself with a book or a movie you’ve been wanting to read or watch. Those edgy and moody episodes will go away after a while.

Prioritize Rest and Relax

Plenty of Rest in Relax When Pregnant

Naturally when you get pregnant, your body will go through many changes and sometimes you’ll feel tired and stressed. It’s important that you get enough sleep and rest and not out do yourself.

It may get more difficult to sleep when your baby bump starts to protrude. You could fix this by getting a great pregnancy pillow (it’s worth the investment).

Also, prepare your room so it is conducive to sleep. Black out curtains, turn off your phone , iPad or any devices that will distract or keep you awake.

Listen to your body, if you feel drained, get a nap. And indulge in those snoozes every now and then. Your baby and body will thank you for it.

Exercise (but take it light)

My friend Thelma is a health and fitness freak, before her first born sons’s arrival she would jog around the neighborhood in the morning, without skipping a day and when she got pregnant , she started to jog less and resorted to other less tiring fitness activities like stretches, strolling and all pregnancy recommended exercises.

If you don’t exercise, you can stay active by doing some walking. Get a comfortable pair of shoes and just walk. Enjoy the open air, breath in deep and exhale. Engaging in some light activity can help to lower stress and anxiety.

Also, physical activity releases endorphins that uplift your mood and make you feel good.

Before you start on any exercise program, especially when you are pregnant, always speak with your doctor first .

Other things you could do to relieve anxiety

  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Prenatal massages
  • Prenatal Acupuncture therapy

If, for any reason you don’t feel good about yourself, Talk to you doctor or midwife especially if you:

  • feel anxious most of the time for more than two weeks
  • have anxiety that is making you feel physically ill with fast heartbeat, fast breathing, sweating, feeling faint, feeling sick and diarrhoea
  • have a panic attack/s
  • have unpleasant thoughts that keep coming back and you can’t control them.

Hopefully this little anxiety is a preparation you for motherhood and parenthood and you’re looking forward to a wonderful journey in the coming months.

Cheers to a happy pregnancy journey!

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