Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Nutritional Needs For First Time Moms

How to combine breastfeeding and pumping for first time moms

Seeing as you are here, that maternity leave must be coming to an end soon.

Either that or you just want to start having more time to yourself.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience. It’s what builds a strong bond between mother and child. It may not be so easy at first. It becomes easier once you get the hang of it. 

But, combining all these chores and feeding a baby from your body. I’d understand why you want some time off.

I get that you want to start limiting the time you spend with your baby. So you can go back to being the busy woman as you were before.

So let’s talk about how we can combine breastfeeding and pumping. 

Breastfeeding and Pumping Tips: Steps you can follow

Suppose you are looking for a way to schedule your breastfeeding and your pumping hours.

Read in, by the end I’m sure you’ll have something to work with. It will take a bit of adjusting. Then again, everything that involves a baby requires adjusting. 

Pump after breastfeeding your baby

The first step that you have to take is you have to start pumping after breastfeeding.

You must put your baby first.

So feed your baby and afterwards you can start pumping.

Create a bond with your baby and meet its needs and then resume to your initial plan. 

If you are a new mother and you want to get to work right back, the best option, no, in fact, doctors advise you to wait till after two weeks to make sure that the milk supply is established.

Then you can start pumping if you want to start pumping soon after breastfeeding. Waiting about 30 minutes after breastfeeding is a good option.

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Be sure to breastfeed on demand

Pumping regularly does not mean you let the baby go hungry.

Keep feeding your baby on demand. Whether it’s during the day, or at night, make sure that your baby is well-fed. 

If you want to go that extra mile, you may as well feed your baby while you pump at the same time.

That allows you to keep your baby fed and at the same time, you get to stash up on bottles of baby milk for your baby. 

Keep your stress levels low and  in check

Well, it’s not a secret that stress has a lot of defects to one’s health.

Stress is unpleasant to everyone who experiences it, and at times it may also affect the people around you. 

Stress can affect your milk supply, which can relatively reduce the amount of milk produced for the baby.

Meaning, there won’t be much milk to pump for your baby. 

The science behind it is that stress can increase your cortisol levels, and this results in a decrease in milk production.

So ,even when you are stressed , focus on making sure that you control your levels of stress as they may affect your baby’s supply. 

Pump first thing in the morning

After a peaceful and restful night, most mothers figure that they have a lot of milk stashed up in them.

So if you are a mom who is going back to work soon, add it to your daily pumping schedule. 

You can pump first thing in the morning when your stash is quite full, and then you can breastfeed.

Or you can do the opposite.

You’ll still have enough to have the baby covered for the whole day. 

Some people may decide to pump in the evening as well.

Bodies work differently.

So figure out when you have your highest supply and at that time breastfeed and then pump or you can start with pumping then you breastfeed.

Develop a de-stressing technique

Stress is something that can attack a lot of women, especially after giving birth.

No one knows what goes on when you have a baby.

Things just happen, and you just go with the flow. 

Most times, these experiences can be depressing and stressful. Don’t let that stress get to you.

Find ways of keeping yourself calm.

Listening to your favourite songs usually does the job.

Watching some movies or perhaps your favourite series is another option.

Just make sure that your pressure is low and well maintained. 

When you feel relaxed and free from worries, you tend to produce more milk.

That way, you can quickly fill up a lot of milk bags or relatively sized milk bottles that will just aid in keeping your bottles filled up. 

Have realistic expectations

Probably no one ever told you what to expect when you were expecting.

You just crossed the bridge when you got there.

That is honestly a tip you should carry with you throughout your nursing stage. 

Amounts of milk can vary wildly after feeding your baby.

So don’t be too stressed and don’t get too frustrated because that will just cause your supply to drop.

Try de-stressing and finding ways to calm down. 

Keep your breastfeeding and pumping times similar daily

Most people decide to breastfeed in the morning and the evening. Then they pump throughout the day as well as after breastfeeding. There is no definite one size fits all template, you will just have to come up with one that works well with your daily schedule. 

What’s important is to know how you can balance your time to make sure that your baby is kept well fed.

And to also make sure that you do your tasks without feeling much pressure. 

Final Words

I understand how tough it is to be a mom.

Especially if it’s your first baby, those little buns don’t come with manuals nor do they tell you how they work.

It’s pretty much sweat, sleepless nights and a lot of frustrations until you it gets better and you get the hang of it.

But believe me, it’s going to be worth it.

For your baby’s sake and your own sake, don’t get too frustrated.

Find ways to enjoy the whole process and have a great time with that little bundle of joy in your arms.

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