Surviving the 4th trimester – Yes! There is such a thing!

The 4th trimester has to be the most exciting of all the trimesters. Those 12 weeks that follow after birth are a wonderful time. You get to see and hold your bundle of joy finally. There are a lot of questions yet to be answered at this point.

Although it might be an exciting time, the need to put in more effort will make the period challenging, frustrating and at times, depressing. Very few people know how to deal with all that pressure and today that’s what we will be looking at.

What to know about the 4th trimester 

Well, if you ask most moms, they will tell you that the 4th trimester is quite a bumpy road. Let’s just say some of the bumps are fun and bouncy, and some are a bit hard. At this point, you’ll be going through a lot, and it may be all overwhelming.

For instance, your body will be recovering from birth. You’re learning yourself as a new mom and your baby as well. Your hormones are still trying to find their balance. It may all cause some severe depression if you don’t manage it well. So that’s the question we’ll be answering, ‘How do you survive the 4th trimester.’’

Tips for Surviving the fourth trimester

Ask for assistance

You’re new to the ‘mom world’. It’s okay not to know everything. It doesn’t mean you’re not organised. It just shows that you’re human, and this is a new stage for you. The first and best tip to survive the fourth trimester is to ask for help. 

Whether it’s by getting a maid, going to your in-law or your mom, make sure that you ask for help if you feel you need it. Don’t carry that burden on your own. You just spent roughly nine months dealing with it on your own. It’s time to let others play a part. 

Take it a step at a time

Another important tip is to know that you can’t be the world’s best mom in a day. That takes your whole life. So take it one step at a time. As a new mom, you might have some trouble being calm. Take some time off. Deal with things as they come instead of worrying about the future. 

If you are your own boss, take some time off. Don’t fuss about other unnecessary obligations and tasks. Hire a maid to clean the house, spend time with your baby and take time to let your body heal itself. You recently had a baby born out of it. Trust me; it needs to recover. 

Listen to your body

It goes without saying that when you become a mom, your first instinct is to make sure that your baby is always healthy. You may want to start eating healthy so that you provide a healthy milk supply for your baby. That’s a no-no. Listen to your body and eat what you want. Just make sure you don’t go overboard!

If you want some mac and cheese, then go for it. If that’s what your body is craving, then go for it. Don’t waste too much time trying out some veggies that only make you squirm when you are about to eat them. That just adds more frustration. Be happy and content with your food. 

Let your emotions out.

Hormones, hormones, hormones!!! You will get emotional a lot of times. That is natural; we might even say it’s part of the healing process. Don’t suppress it if you want to survive this trimester. Let them out. Rant, shout or cry if you have to even if it’s at a wall. 

The best way to go is to find someone willing to listen—your husband, your mother and so on. Postpartum emotions are real. They know they exist, so don’t be afraid to talk them out. Write in a diary if you feel the need. 

Drink a lot of water

Water is your friend whether you are pregnant or not. After having a baby, you need a lot of water in your system, especially when you are breastfeeding.. That will help with the healing, and will also aid in making sure your milk supply remains optimal or above optimal levels. Besides, you’ll feel nourished if you stay hydrated. 

Get enough rest

Rest is essential right now. Your body is healing, and you just spent half the night up soothing your baby. You need the rest. So as soon as your baby sleeps. Take time off and sleep. Get enough rest whenever you can. Don’t start on chores when your baby knocks off. Go to sleep, sit down and relax. 

Embrace your healing journey

You have to know this by now. Your body went through a lot during the past nine months. Right now it’s probably working pretty hard to make sure your body returns to normal as fast as possible. 

Only it won’t be that fast it will take pretty long. Embrace that journey and take care of yourself. Don’t try to get enhancements to make it faster. Let nature do its thing. 

Start taking walks

When you feel you’re ready and able to. Or when your doctor says it’s okay. Start taking routine walks. Either with your husband or alone. Get some fresh air and ease your mind.

Walking will not only help to strengthen those muscles, but it will help you do a lot for your mind. So when you’re ready, mommy, take a few steps out the door. Then let that air hit your face. 

Working out

Towards the end of the fourth week, you may want to amp it up. If you have been walking, you can slowly start adding back some exercises along the way. That’s if you are ready for it, 

You might have gained a bit of weight if you want to lose it. Then this is just the way to go about it. Slowly start getting back to your work routines and be patient with yourself. It all takes a bit of time. 

Final thoughts

Not everything will be the same after your baby arrives. Don’t be scared; every mommy goes through this stage. Just be ready and follow those tips. I’m sure it will be a comfortable journey then, so good luck!!

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