What to Expect When you First Find Out You're Pregnant

What to Expect When you First Find Out You’re Pregnant

How did you feel the first time you knew you were pregnant? For some women, it’s mere excitement. Some feel worried, and some can’t wait until they see their baby for the first time. You can expect your body and mind to go through a lot of changes when you find out that you’re pregnant, […]

How to relief pregnancy morning sickness

How to Cure Morning Sickness When Pregnant Naturally

Morning sickness is no stranger to pregnancy. In fact, it starts pretty early in the 1st trimester (week 6-8) and typically becomes worse until the end of 1st trimester in week 13. But some do get it almost for the entire pregnancy term. Yes, for over 39 weeks! About 2% of the pregnant women face […]

What A Pregnant Woman Needs From Her Husband - Dad And Mom Looking At Newborn

What a Pregnant Woman Needs from Her Husband

Are you and your wife expecting a new baby? You may be feeling excited or overwhelmed by the news. Having a child brings along a lot of joy and a bunch of responsibilities! Your responsibilities don’t start with the birth of the baby; they start right now. Your wife might have started to experience early […]