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Top 3 Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces

Nothing can ruin your day like a cranky baby who keeps yelling and crying every day. My sister’s baby is one to throw fits. When he does, not even milk works for him. At times cradling and rocking him can work. Then again, at times, it doesn’t. 

We figured that cradling and swinging him in our arms was probably our best weapon when he decided to throw those fits. He’d slightly calm down until he fell asleep. At times it would take a minute or two. Other times it would take more than that.

This little experience with this newborn baby gave us the idea to get a swing. I mean we are fully grown adults. No one wants to swing a baby for hours just because he/she is moody. So we decided to get an actual swing. It turns out he liked it, and things have been so much easier for us. 

Studies show that babies at times find it hard to adjust to the outside world. Hence a gentle reminder of the swimming in mummy’s tummy makes them calmer. Then again swinging a baby every day for hours can be tiresome. Therefore the issue of getting a swing for your baby. 

Getting a swing is a risk. Some babies don’t like them, and some do. At the same time, you can’t exactly ask a baby if they would like a swing or not. All I can say is that getting a baby swing is worth it. You’ll just have to hope that your baby likes it. 

Now since that part is covered, you’ll have to find some of the best swings out there. I mean, you do want your baby to be comfortable right. Getting the right swing will give your baby just the right comfort. Trouble is how do you know which swing is best?

Don’t worry, I already did that part for you. So just read through this guide and you’ll have enough knowledge on what your baby needs. I have a select of the top three compact baby swings. Took a while to find them, but I did, and I am sure this will help you a lot. 

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Top 3 Compact Baby Swings

Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing By Fisher-Price

The first swing that I found to be very useful and practical was this Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing by Fisher-Price. I have to say that a lot about this swing could make you feel like you want to have a baby again.

You and I both know that being a mommy can be overwhelming. Mixing those house chores with the baby is a pretty hectic experience. So you do need an extra pair of hands to help you. 

Suppose you are not comfortable letting strangers hold your baby while you do some chores. Then a sweet snugapuppy cradle may just be the way to go. It’s quite efficient at such times, and I am sure it will turn out to be a lifesaver for you. 

The swing is ultimately designed to make a baby fuss less, sleep more and leave you at peace. Your baby being is fussy for no reason? Well then, just read through this guide and maybe you’ll find something to help you with that.

Here are all the features listed that you will find in gear. Rest assured, you will love the swing once it’s in the house and the baby is not fussy any more. So let’s see what this baby swing comes with. 

Firstly this swing has a baby entertainer. We all know that there are so many styles that you can use to swing a baby. This swing is sure to keep the baby entertained by coming with a mirror and a sound machine.

With this swing, there are so many ways to soothe the baby. The soft tunes will help the baby as well as the motions to relax and calm the little one. It makes sure that you can relax and the baby can go to sleep.

The swing is power operated. That means you don’t have to pressure yourself by doing the swinging. You will find that as a means to save in on batteries, the gear used on the power supply. However, you do have the option of using batteries when needed.

It’s a compact swing, designed for small spaces so you can at least already guess that the little machine is lightweight. You can easily carry it to the next room while you relax or do some more cleaning. 

One thing that I noticed about the swing is that it comes at a fair price. You’d expect such a machine to be expensive, but it is quite affordable. The price tag on it is fair and reasonable. So, this is a delicate product you can buy, but it offers all those incredible features you’re looking for in a great swing.


  • The cover on the swing is quite cosy and soft.
  • The cover is removable and machine washable.
  • It has multiple soothing options.
  • Both power and battery operated.


  • A little more significant as compared to other compact swings
  • A little loud and may keep the baby awake
  • The timer on the swing is not entirely reliable

4moms Mamaroo

The second swing you might want to look at is this 4moms Mamaroo Bluetooth enabled high tech swing. I found it to be quite impressive because of the Bluetooth feature. I mean if you know the songs your baby sleeps to you might as well exploit those options. 

It comes at a regular mini size that is 16.5 x 29.6 x 27.5 inches. Its weight limit works for babies that are 6 pounds at the minimum to babies that way not more than 25 pounds. More than that may cause some problems for the swing as it might not function well.

It works entirely on a power source, and hence no batteries are needed. Just plug it in on a convenient spot, and you’ll be ready to cradle and swing your baby to sleep. Finally, get some time to do other stuff while your baby sleeps. 

The 4moms mamaroo is a great swing that is for small spaces. It has a plug, plus you know how sometimes you can’t work with all plugs in the house because they are in cramped up spaces. Well, now you have something you can use them for. 

This cute compact swing measures 1/3 the size of traditional baby swings. That means it has a small footprint to save a considerable amount of space in your small apartment. Or maybe you just want a little swing. It might be an excellent choice. 

Apart from helping you save space, this sleek-looking swing also helps with your crying baby with the front to back gliding motion. It comes with just about you with five levels of swinging movements which will help soothe your baby to sleep.

It’s a very lightweight swing. So you should know that moving it from one room to the next is very easy. You just place it close to an electric outlet, and you will be good to go. It’s not even complicated at all. 


  • It has a small footprint which helps save as much space as possible.
  • The swing comes with the plug-in convenience. 
  • It has a  machine-washable cover.
  • Quiet operation 
  • Solid and durable feel


  • The toy bar quickly falls out
  • The cover is not resistant to stains or liquids.

Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing & Rocker

The last swing on my top three list would be this Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing and Rocker. A great option if you are looking for something that is pretty much multi-functional and very easy to deal with. I’d give it a thumbs up at any time of day. 

This machine has a great swing seat which you can remove to turn it into a bouncer. The bouncer can hold babies from 5.5 pounds up to 18 pounds, and the swing up to 30 pounds. Or let’s just say until your baby can sit in its own. 

Swing comes with two speeds of vibration that you can choose from. In my own experience, I would say that you need both speeds to keep your baby quiet and happy. 

It also has six swinging speeds. At times you just need to be okay with your baby. They may be awake, but the high speed can make that baby laugh and enjoy a nice ride without much trouble. 

What I love the most about this swing is that it comes with a big seat that stretches it out. It has enough head support to keep the baby comfortable at all times. Kind of like what a pillow does for you at all times. 

Sadly unlike the 4moms mamaroo swing, this one doesn’t have Bluetooth technology. So you can select any of the ten songs that it comes with. They have five different nature sounds, and your baby is still entertained by the three toys hanging from the mobile. 

The swing comes in three different colours. Just choose the one that matches your baby’s style and voila you are all complete. The colours are all neutral and not gender-based. So you don’t have to worry about that as well. You would have completed styling your way out of your baby’s fussy behaviour. 

Apart from the three colours, you can choose from. I think it is also a great idea that you know that this swing is effortless to work with. To power it up, you can use either battery power or a plug-in cord. Then you’ll be all set to go. 


  • The five-point harness will keep your baby safe.
  • You’ll get both a bouncy seat and a swing.
  • It has two reclining positions.
  • It has some songs that can help soothe the baby.
  • The chair comes with some swinging toys to keep the baby entertained.


  • The swing makes a clicking noise.
  • The vibration function only runs on batteries.

Mini-Buyer’s Guide

What Do I Need To Look For In A Compact Baby Swing

Let’s look at some of the things that you should consider if you want to get yourself and your baby a good swing. If your swing is uncomfortable, trust me when I say that your baby’s fussing will not stop. 

  1. Size/footprint: 

When buying anything for your baby, understand that your baby is going to grow up. Also, understand that your baby spent nine months in your womb feeling warm and cosy. So a compact-sized swing is best.

Plus you are also trying to save space. Why get a vast swing when you don’t even use it for more than a year? So the first thing you should look out for is the footprint of the swing. A space-saving swing should come with a compact frame.

At least so that when you put it on your home floor, it occupies as less space as possible. It would be even better if you get a foldable swing. You can easily store it elsewhere when you are not using it. 

  1. Sturdiness: 

The second thing that you need to look out for is sturdiness. Do you want your growing baby to continue using the swing? Is a question you should always ask yourself. Of course, your answer is going to be a yes, so make sure that the swing you get is sturdy. 

It should be robust, sturdy and stable. That will clear off any uneasiness about it topping off while your baby is inside. We wouldn’t want that mistake to happen at all trust me. 

  1. Comfortable and soothing

Let’s not forget why you are getting this swing and who you are getting it for. You’re not getting a swing just because it’s a small space-saving swing. You are getting it because it is also comforting and soothing to your baby. 

So get a swing which soothes and also entertains your baby. It will keep your baby busy while you do some chores and finish up on whatever it is that you have to finish up on in the house. 

  1. Ease of cleaning

Nobody wants something hard to clean. We all want something reliable and straightforward to maintain. Make sure that your swing is easy to clean. Babies pee and puke so a removable cover would be best. 

Be aware of all possible staining mechanisms—drooling diaper overflows, and so on. An easy-to-clean swing is one which features a removable, machine washable cover.

  1. Ease of assembly

Lastly, don’t get something that is too complicated. I mean, why would you want something hard to assemble? That is just a clear warning that cleaning it may also be a huge problem. 

So make life easier for yourself and work with swings that are easy to assemble. The instructions on it should be easy to use. Easy to deal with as well. Don’t go for complicated things, or they will bring complications. 

Should I get a full-sized swing or a portable swing?

Funny enough, this is one of the most significant decisions that you’ll have to make before you buy your swing. Both work fine; you just need to know which one you want your baby to use. To do that, I’ll just tell you about both sizes. 

Full-Sized Swings

Say you have a specific room that you want to put the swing in. For example, a nursery that you have entirely designated for your baby. Then a full-sized swing is not a bad idea at all. I mean the whole reason why you would go for a small swing would be to save space, right?

If you have a specific space in mind for your swing and you don’t have any plans to move it. Then go for a full-sized swing. Then again you will have to make sure to keep it there, since they do require a fair amount of space, and aren’t easy to move.

Portable Swings

Say you don’t have much space and you want to keep the swing out of the way most times. A small and portable swing is a good choice for you. Great for apartment buildings as well.

They cost less and don’t take up as much space. But since many portable swings only offer battery power, they can cost more in the long run since you’ll be paying for battery replacements. 


Well, it’s not easy raising a baby. Parents have enough to worry about. The least we can do is ensure that a baby swing is not one of them. Purchasing any of the swings that we recommended in this article will guarantee satisfaction. At the very least, you know what you are getting into. Our detailed reviews will help you with that. If in doubt, go with the Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing & Rocker. It provides additional harnesses and reclining positions. 

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