Pregnancy Scan Decoration - What To Buy First When You Get Pregnant

What are the first things to buy when you find out you’re pregnant?


Getting pregnant is really exciting and scary at the same time.

You might feel so happy now but the next minute overwhelmed because there is just so many things you need to know and prepare for.

Let me share with you as I’m just a few months ahead of you. I’m in week 35 and just a few weeks from delivering my baby girl.

If you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and relax.

Enjoy the process and journey, every step along the way.

Becoming pregnant is an experience you will never want to forget.

Some days won’t be great…some days will be…but everyday your baby will be growing inside you and come the day she is delivered, you will rekindle from day 1…

I had friends and family who rushed into shopping mode the minute they found they were pregnant.

For Now…Just Focus On The Pregnancy Essentials First

What are the first things to buy when pregnant

They bought many baby clothes and baby gear like prams, bassinet, crib and even car seats.

They regretted making such hasty purchases so early on.

Hang on…there’s plenty of time to that in the coming months.

When you first got pregnant, it is very important to focus on you, dear mommy.

I have written this mainly for the minute you find you are pregnant just to focus on the essentials a new mommy need.

I’m currently in week 35 as i’m writing this.

So these are some of the things I have used during my 1st 2 trimesters…some of which i m still using like prenatal, journals, pregnancy pillow etc…

I’ll update essential things to buy in later stages of pregnancy and also for the baby just before you deliver in future articles.

For now just focus on yourself and enjoying the process of being pregnant.

So here it goes. What are the first things to buy when you are pregnant?

Prenatal Vitamins & DHA

What are the first things to buy when you get pregnant

Nothing beats a healthy eating habit, but no matter how well you are eating, a healthy pregnant woman may be running low on a few essential vitamins and minerals.

Simply because during pregnancy, you are essentially feeding a plus one and this where the demand for increased nutrients arise.

Note: For women trying to get pregnant, it is also important to prepare your body with sufficient vitamins and minerals to cope with the higher demand of nutrients.

How are prenatal vitamins different from regular multivitamins?

Comparing to a regular multivitamin, prenatal vitamins are made specifically for pregnant women to ensure they get the most important nutrients that is crucial for the baby’s development and mother’s health.

What is DHA?

Another important component in nutrition during your pregnancy is DHA.

DHA is short for docosahexaenoic acid. It is a fatty acid, better known as one of the 2 omega 3 fatty acids. The other is EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid). Fatty acids are the basic blocks of fat. DHA helps growth and development of the baby’s brain , eyes and nervous system.

You’ll probably see many baby formula enriched with DHA.

During pregnancy, you need about 200mg of DHA daily and most prenatal vitamins don’t come with DHA. You can get some DHA from fish oil but usually most fish oil has more EPA than DHA. The main issue is that DHA are in an oil form whilst prenatal vitamins are solid capsule / tablets.

DHA is more important during pregnancy simply because mother’s milk is simply more abundant in DHA than EPA. Nature designed it that way because DHA is the real healer and caregiver.

Here is a DHA supplement in the form of fish oil that I’ve been taking for more than 10 years, even before I was pregnant and is great during your pregnancy and breastfeeding,

Documenting Your Pregnancy Journey – Pregnancy Journals

Keeping A Pregnancy Journal

Being first time pregnant, it is an amazing experience

It is the gift of life, and now you have the opportunity to create a new life.

Getting a journal is great to jot down all little things so we can reminisce later.

Things you would look back and laugh and cherish…

And you can share with your baby when he / she is older.

Keep the all scans, the little details like the progress of your pregnancy, the doctor visits and even when you first announce to the world you are going to become a new parent.

What are the first things to buy when you get pregnant
Ringing The Parenthood Bell – A Symbolic Experience

Here are couple of pregnancy journals which are cute and you could fit in all the little details of your little baby growing inside your belly.

Pregnancy Diary Journal
A Simple Keepsake Pregnancy Journal
Pregnancy Journal Scrap Book With Stickers
Pregnancy Journal Scrapbook with Cute Stickers

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care and Beauty Products

Pregnancy Safe Skincare Products

Every woman wants to have good skin and you should take care of your skin even during pregnancy

But you need to be aware of neutral or baby safe skincare as certain chemicals like retinol in makeup / skin care can affect your baby.

Pregnancy Safe Skin And Beauty Products
Pregnancy Safe Skin and Beauty Products

Pregnancy Safe Cleaning Products for the Home

Every woman wants to have good skin and you should take care of your skin even during pregnancy

But you need to be aware of neutral or baby safe skincare as certain chemicals like retinol in makeup / skin care can affect your baby.

Pregnancy Safe Cleaning Products
Seventh Generation Pregnancy Safe Cleaning Products

Clothes Expander and Bellaband

This will come in handy when you start to gain some weight and also when the bump starts to appear. At this moment, you can’t really purchase maternity clothes because you ARE gonna grow bigger and getting a set of maternity clothes now is simply going to be wasteful.

So you’ll still be wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes like jeans and pants. But because of the growing belly, you might need to go unzipped / unbuttoned. This will simply allow you to do that.

So this was the first maternity item I ordered after I got pregnant. It’s fantastic. I started wearing it around 8 weeks when I could still button up my pants, but they were feeling a bit snug.

Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband

For bras, early on in my pregnancy, I got these bra extenders to allow me to continue wearing my pre-pregnancy bras.

Eventually you’ll need maternity bras but you should be shopping for these probably in late 2nd trimester as you should be able to wear them comfortably right through your pregnancy and delivery and also during nursing.

Jeans extender , this was one of the first few items I got when my jeans started to feel tight, it was around week 6 or so, when I just found out I got pregnant.

I wanted to keep wearing my jeans and didn’t like the idea of buying maternity jeans as I wouldn’t know how big I’ll become and needing to keep buying new clothes.

Maeband (shown below)allows you to temporarily adjust the size of your favorite pants throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Belly Itch and Stretch Marks Cream

It’s not uncommon to get itchy bellies when pregnant. It’s probably a hormonal thing and this also helps with stretch marks later on.

Your belly will expand and sometimes you’ll feel stretched and that feeling makes you feel worried for your skin getting tight and dry.

Bella B Pregnancy Stretch Marks
Bella B Tummy Honey Butter For Stretch Marks Prevention
Trilastin Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream
Trilastin Master Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Pregnancy Pillows

If you’re prone to getting back ache, getting a good pregnancy pillow is keep you happy throughout your pregnancy term.

As your baby grows and your body expands, your back will be burdened with the extra weight and lying down comfortably will be a challenge.

And let’s face it, it’s really frustrating to be tired with the morning sickness and pregnancy blues and yet you have trouble sleeping/ resting.

I got this pregnancy pillow because my back was so sore I could hardly get a good night’s rest. There are few types of pillow , the U shape and and also those that support your side sleeping and can be also used as a nursing pillow after you have delivered.

Remedies for Morning Sickness, Heartburn and Constipation

Morning Sickness and Pregnancy

The epitome of early pregnancy is morning sickness.

It was a totally new experience to me ,dreadful to be honest.

It was more like “3 quarter day sickness” . I felt  queasy and nauseous the moment I woke up until late evening.

It was not easy to get by as this uncomfortable feeling just makes you want to curl up and sleep it out.

It affects your appetite and certain foods may even turn you off to the point of vomiting.

This is where I realized what food aversions and cravings was really about when you get pregnant.

The severity of morning sickness can vary a lot from one pregnancy to another.

My mom when pregnant with me didn’t have any morning sickness at all but was greatly affected with vomiting and all day nausea when she was pregnant with my little sister.

For a small minority about 2% of pregnant women, an extreme case of morning sickness can occur known as hyperemesis gravidarum, a medical condition that causes extreme morning sickness symptoms such as vomiting and nausea.

You may even lose up to 5% of your body weight due to loss of appetite. You just simply don’t have the appetite to eat at all.  Please contact your physician or gynae if you have extreme morning sickness symptoms.

For most, morning sickness is something that will appear in early pregnancy around week 7-8 and intensifies around week 10-12. It should gradually reduce in the 2nd trimester after week 13.

But for some, morning sickness can last up to third trimester and even up to the moment you are due for delivery.

So here are a few morning sickness remedies and hacks that can keep you feeling better.

Earth Mama Pregnancy Morning Sickness Tea

Ginger is one of the best things to have to alleviate morning sickness.


Acid reflux and heartburn is something I don’t usually get. When I first got pregnant I had this uncomfortable feeling like a burning feeling on my chest.

It wasn’t frequent during the first semester but it was frustrating because I just didn’t like the feeling of burping sourish  stomach acid that irritates my throat and mouth.

Acid reflux was more frequent for me in now in the third trimester, but I was taking these antacids to relieve my heartburn in the early stages of pregnancy especially the first few months.

During pregnancy, hormonal changes relaxes your esophagus, which is part of your digestive system that brings chewed food into your stomach.

So, When you lie down or if you just had a large meal, this may cause some stomach acids to seep back up and you experience that uncomfortable acid reflux.

This happens because as your baby gets bigger, it needs more room and as the uterus expands to accommodate the growth, your stomach is under pressure, so this can result in food and acid being pushed back up into your esophagus.


As your baby starts to grow , your uterus will expand further and that will take more real estate in your abdomen. So, your organs like stomach, intestines and bladder will feel the pressure. That’s why you need to pee more frequently.

Also, as your digestive system becomes more relaxed from the hormonal changes, your waste removal system becomes sluggish and that’s why you may feel constipated.

There are also cases where having too much iron in your diet, that may lead to constipation.

Eating a good diet with many sources of fibre can help reduce constipation. Fruits, green leafy vegetables and oats are really great in nutrition and also is packed with fibre.

You could also take constipation relief products such as this  but do speak with your doctor first.

Dulcolax For Pregnancy Constipation

Pregnancy Books and Apps

I bought a couple of pregnancy books even before I got pregnant to prepare myself towards this journey. The popular “What to expect when you’re expecting” by Heidi Murkoff is great read  and also was recommended an evergreen favourite “Conception Pregnancy Birth by Miriam Stoppard”.

This book is vintage, my mom had this book when she was having me so I got it for nostalgic reasons and its really a good book for first time mom and dad.

Miriam Stoppard - Pregnancy Books

Apart from books, pregnancy apps is what I’ve got a craze about when I first got pregnant.

Apps are interactive as they remind you how you are progressing with your pregnancy, what you can expect and also timely information.

The app I highly recommend is BabyCenter’s  Pregnancy Tracker

Others (toothbrush for pregnant women, spanx, maternity belt, bra, leggings,etc)

Here are some other things you can get when pregnant but I wouldn’t consider them essentials for now.

Perhaps maternity leggings and SPANX when your bump starts to grow and you need more support.

Here are some recommendations that helped me.

Toothbrush Gentle on Your Sensitive Gums

You tend to get swollen gums when you’re pregnant.

Or somehow you gums feel more sensitive.

So you might want to consider a softer toothbrush like this…

SPANX & Belly Bandit

As your belly grows bigger, you’ll want something to support your belly and one of the few things I’ve got is SPANX.

It is a non compression belly band that grows with your belly. They also smooths out bulges and  provide excellent support for your belly and also shapes your thighs and hips.  Also helps with lower back support.

Another alternative is the belly bandit, some find this better than SPANX.

Belly bandit is more of a belly bump support leggings that actually provides extra support for your bump.

They are maternity leggings help smooth and support your from waist down, shaping your belly, tush and thighs.

Maternity Belt

If you get lower back pain that affects your day to day activities, having a maternity belt is certainly great.

This can also work as a post pregnancy belt too to help your muscles strengthen. You can wear it under your clothes and feels discreet.

Maternity / Nursing Bra

This is something I wouldn’t get early on, because you will continue to become bigger and sizes may not fit weeks from now.

I highly suggest new pregnant moms to start looking out for maternity / nursing bras closer to the middle of your 2nd trimester.

And here you are, getting pregnant is an exciting experience. It can be overwhelming but it’s important to focus on yourself. These essentials will help you along the way. I hope you will have a wonderful pregnancy journey and please remember to enjoy this special journey.

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